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Best Android Puzzle Games

With the increasing use of android phone, gaming becomes a common activity among people around the world. There are many mobile phone games for android available for free download. The types of the games also vary. You can choose any games based on your preference. Puzzle games is one of the most popular types of game for android users due to its simplicity. This type of games is suitable to play when you are bored or simply want to be indifferent at public places. In this article we will give a brief reviews about some of the best android puzzle games.

Best Android Puzzle Games

Here are the best android puzzle games you can download from play store.

  • 2048: this game is extremely popular among users. The goal of this game is to merge every tiles with same number to produce new number, which is a double from previous number. This simple premise is suitable to kill times. The game will be over once you have no more tiles to be combined.
  • Cut the Rope: this game franchise can be considered one among the most famous family friendly puzzle games series available in play store. You need to smash each level to turn the candy into a cute monster. It is a recommended game, particularly for children.

Mekorama Android Game

  • Mekorama: this free puzzle game features simple mechanics and graphics, thus it occupies less storage on your phone. It has 50 levels in totals and each level has a card you can collect after completing the mission.

Other than the games mentioned above, there are still a lot of android puzzle games you can try to spend your free time. Some of them may not be free, so make sure to check it before downloading. The free games may have lot of ads so make sure you can bear it.